Temperature development over the past 125 years

The animation shows observed warming of the earth from 1881-2006. Increased temperature compared to today's mean temperature is shown with colors from yellow to red, while blue to purple shows colder periods. The largest warming is seen over the northern regions and the Arctic.

European Climate at the +2C global warming threshold

Stefan Sobolowski is co-author in a new study that shows that Europe may warm more than the global average.
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Climate changes and adaption in Europe and Norway

Trond Dokken is first to give a talk on Thursdays Climate Forum. You are all invited to the breakfast meeting on climate changes and adaption.
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Science highlight:

On track to climate prediction

In a new study published in Tellus A, Francois Counillon and co-authors at the Bjerknes Centre are testing seasonal-to-decadal... >Read more More highlights

Key Scientific Themes:
Past Climate Variability Present-Day Climate Changes Ocean, Sea ice and Atmosphere Processes Ocean Carbon Cycles Future Climate and Regional Effects
Bjerknes in the media

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Upcoming Events
24.04.2014 12:30
It's all in the detail: a tribute to Hilary Birks and her contributions to palaeoecology
Venue: Lille Auditorium (room 2142), HIB, Thormøhlensgate 55
24.04.2014 10:15
Disputas - Eirik Vinje Galaasen

Eirik Vinje Galaasen disputerer for doktorgraden med avhandlingen ”Instability of ocean ventilation during warm climates; insights from proxy reconstructions” ved Institutt for geovitenskap, Universitetet i Bergen.

Auditorium 3, Realfagsbygget, Allégaten 41

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