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Seminar talk: Climate feedbacks in the Earth system and their evaluation

Professor Christoph Heinze from Geophysical institute, UiB, will give a seminar talk on November 11.

Chrisopth Heinze
Christoph Heinze


Short biography:

Christoph Heinze is a marine biogeochemical Earth system modeller with special expertise on the ocean carbon cycle and multi-tracer simulations. He was leader of the FP6 Integrated Project CARBOOCEAN and the FP7 project CARBOCHANGE as well as the nationally coordinated project EVA on development and application (CMIP6) of the Norwegian Earth system model NorESM. C. Heinze served as lead author for IPCC AR5 WGI ch. 7 and review editor for IPCC AR6 WGI ch. 6. He belonged to the SSC of the IGBP core project SOLAS for two assignment periods. Currently he is leading the EU H2020 project COMFORT on ocean tipping points.




Earth system models (ESMs) provide climate projections under scenarios of human-induced forcing. ESMs include a larger number of processes and feedbacks as compared to traditional climate models. The talk aims to describe the framework for quantifying feedbacks in general, to give an overview concerning the most important physical, chemical, as well as biological climate feedbacks, and to describe how the evaluation of these feedbacks can be tackled (based on a recent multi-author review in the journal Earth System Dynamics). Some of the traditional approaches for quantifying feedbacks cannot be straightforwardly applied to a number of the additional feedbacks in ESMs. Though the Earth system is extremely complex, the quantification of feedbacks is not out of scope. Some future pathways exist for further improving the quantification of feedbacks towards a more accurate determination of the climate response to changes in forcing.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Nov 11, 2019 at 14:15

Place: BCCR lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5