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Seminar talk: The diversity of climate change attitudes in Europe

On Monday November 4, Eva Richter from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, will give a seminar talk at the Bjerknes Centre.

Eva Richter
Eva Richter

Short biography:

Eva Richter is a researcher at the Department of Sociology at Charles University. Her research interests include public responses to environmental and climate change policies, related theoretical concepts, measurement and methodology, environmentally-significant behaviours, practices and related social institutions, and risk in modern societies. She participated in several research projects focusing on public responses to environmental policy making and is currently collaborating on a project on the development of electromobility in the Czech Republic. She teaches several regular courses at Charles University including Risk and Society, Environmental Sociology, and seminars on academic skills.



Although the European Union acts as one in most international climate negotiations, EU countries differ very much in their approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation – from people’s attitudes, through discourses, to policies on different levels of government. These differences are crucial in finding consensual policy decisions and presenting united front in global climate negotiations. An important part in policy diversity is played by people’s attitudes and discourses in which these are formed. Public opinion might influence policy feasibility, especially now in the times of politics of populism. The seminar talk will focus on the differences and commonalities between the EU countries with respect to public opinion toward climate change and climate policies. Special attention will be paid to the differences between significant regions with different historical and cultural backgrounds (for example Central and Eastern European countries and Western European countries), and on broader context of the existing differences and commonalities, including the problems with cross-national measurement of attitudes. The aim of the talk is to provide a critical outlook on cross-national differences in climate change attitudes and discuss their possible causes and implications.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Nov 04, 2019 at 14:15

Bjerknes lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5