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Facsimile of the 2nd Circular for the 4th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation

From research to actions and transformation

In August this year, the Bjerknes Centre will host the 4th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation


Today the local committee opened the registration link and sent out the second circular on the coming conference.

Following from the three successful earlier conferences the 4th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation will let scientists, practioners and stakeholders meet to discuss recent research findings, adaptation experiences, plans and practices for three days.

The biannual conference on climate adaption has got a new momentum now just after the historic Paris Agreement adopted at the UN Conference of the Parties in December 2015.


– The Paris Agreement implies that a rapid transformation need to take place in the way we use energy, plan our cities, support our infrastructures and make our societies more resilient, says professor Eystein Jansen who chairs the science committee.

– This makes the conference happening at a critical juncture where the themes covered are even more important than before,  he adds.


Calls for abstracts

The conference covers all sectors, both public and private. However, the 4th edition of the conference, taking place in the marine and maritime capital of Norway, has a dedicated session on climate change impacts and adaptation in the marine and maritime sectors.

 The local committee are now grateful for suggestions for side events and special topics.

– We invite oral and poster contributions from research projects, hands-on applications and policy aspects for the session themes. In several sessions we will aim to match adaptation and mitigation perspectives, says Erik Sandquist research advisor at Uni Research and the Bjerknes Centre.

This is the fourth biannual nordic conference on climate change adaptation, following Copenhagen in 2014, Helsinki in 2012 and Stockholm in 2010.