Bjerknessenteret for klimaforskning er et samarbeid mellom Universitetet i Bergen, NORCE, Nansensenteret og Havforskningsinstituttet. 


Climate Predictions and Climate Services (research group 2): Focuses on the prediction of climate variations on decadal timescales in the North Atlantic and the Arctic, at a regional level. ​More information here.

Norwegian Climate Service Centre (KSS): A cooperation between the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Department, Uni Research Climate, and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. The latter recently transitioned from an unofficial partner to an official one.​ More information here (Norwegian only).

Hordaklim: A project where scientists provide private and public sectors with localised and downscaled versions of larger climate models. Data from larger models are tailored to the needs of local-government in Hordaland. More information here (Norwegian only).

R3: Also known as Relevant, Reliable and Robust local-scale climate projections for Norway, R3 approaches the need for better and more robust estimates of local climate change. More information here.

WRF: A regional weather prediction and climate model focusing on northern Europe and Norway. More information here (English only).