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Seminar talk: Investigating a cold-air outbreak over the Iceland Sea during the Iceland-Greenland Seas Project field campaign

Chris Barrell from University of East Anglia, UK will give a seminar talk on October 29.

Chris Barrell
Chris Barrell





The large fluxes of heat and moisture during cold-air outbreaks CAOs over the subpolar seas have a significant impact on numerical weather prediction (NWP), dense water formation and ocean circulation, and projecting future climate. The wintertime Iceland Greenland Seas Project (IGP) made coupled meteorological and oceanographic observations that offer a valuable opportunity to better understand the key processes in the region. Chris’s talk will describe the IGP activities, his work characterising a CAO over the Iceland Sea and its representation in NWP models. Also his recent research at GFI into atmospheric boundary layer structure and atmospheric forcing of ocean mixed layer development.


Short biography:

Chris is a meteorology PhD student from the University of East Anglia visiting GFI on the Bjerknes Visiting Fellow program. He is researching ocean-atmosphere interaction during cold-air outbreaks in the Nordic Seas, with particular interest in the region around the marginal ice zone. This work is focused on a recent wintertime meteorological and oceanographic field campaign, the Iceland Greenland Seas Project.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Oct 29, 2019 at 14:15

BCCR lecture room 4020