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University of Bergen joins an international climate alliance. (Photo: Simon Brandseth, UiB)

University of Bergen joins international climate alliance

This week, the University of Bergen became part of a group of the world's leading climate research institutions.


Press release from UiB, written by Odd Kandal- Wright

International Universities Climate Alliance consists of more than 40 universities around the world and will be a global source of research-based knowledge and reliable communication on climate change, impact and adaptation.

Universitetet i Bergen er nå en del av International Universities Climate Alliance.
The International Universities Climate Alliance consist of more than 40 of the world's leading climate research institutions. Photo: IUCA

“The Climate Alliance is a timely effort to increase the awareness of climate change – the greatest challenge of our lifetime. Global crises require global actions and solutions, and the University of Bergen is prepared to contribute within its priority areas climate and energy transitions, marine research and global challenges”, says Director Tore Furevik at the University of Bergen’s Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research is one of the largest research centres for climate in Europe and is the main reason why the University of Bergen is included in the alliance. The University of New South Wales in Sydney is the initiator of the alliance and has invited about 40 of the world's leading universities in climate research, such as King's College London, Sorbonne University, University of Cape Town and California Institute of Technology.

“Global challenges must be solved with global solutions. We are proud to join a worldwide climate alliance and believe that the alliance will be at the forefront of the international debate on climate change. As part of the alliance, we want to share our commitment with policy makers and business leaders who want to apply the latest research to accelerate various climate change initiatives”, says Rector Dag Rune Olsen at the University of Bergen.