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The Bjerknes Centre is a collaboration on climate research, between the University of Bergen, Uni Research, the Institute of Marine Research, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre.


Alle pågående prosjekter

Project title  Principal Investigator   Institution   Funding   Duration 
AISSESS - Antarctic ice shelf - shelf - slope exchange study  S. Østerhus UNI Climate  NORKLIMA  2013-2016
Ice2Ice - Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity  E. Jansen  GEO-UIB  EU FP7 2014-2018
AQUATIK - Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems  A. Olsen  GFI-UIB  H2020 2016-2019
ARAMACC - Annually resolved archives of marine climate change  C. A. Dahl UNI Climate  EU FP7 2013-2017
ARCPATH - Arctic Climate Predictions: Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable Societies  Y. Gao NERSC NORDFORSK 2016-2020
AtlantOS - Optimizing and enhancing the integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing Sytem  A. Olsen GFI-UiB H2020 2015-2019
BJERKNES - Bjerknes compensation mechanism  I. Esau NERSC  POLARFORSK 2013-2016
C4T - Climate change across Cenozoic cooling steps reconstructed with clumped isotope thermometry  A. N. Meckler GEO-UiB ERC Starting Grant 2015-2020
CHASE - Climate History along the Arctic Seaboard of Eurasia  J. I. Svendsen NERSC  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
CHESS - Research school in changing climates in the coupled Earth System  T. Spengler GFI-UiB  ISPNATTEK 2015-2023
CLIMLINK - Climate forcing factors for marine environmental change during the mid and late Holocene  B. Risebrobakken GFI-UiB  EFF 2014-2016
CLIP - Clumped isotope thermometry in the Pliocene  A. N. Meckler GEO-UiB Bergen Research Foundation 2015-2020
CRESCENDO - Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge, Dissemination and Outreach  C. Heinze GFI-UiB  H2020 2015-2020
DYNAMITE - Dynamics of arctic-midlatitude teleconnections: mechanisms, robustness and tropical modulation  C. Li GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
EARTHLAB - Earth Surface sediment Laboratory  J. Bakke GEO-UiB  FORINFRA 2014-2018
EASTGREEN - East Greenland Ice: constraining the extent and effects of the Earth's largest ice and freshwater pathway  M. Miles UNI Climate  FRINATEK 2014-2017
ECHO - Extending the instrumental record of North Atlantic Ocean climate variability  C.A. Dahl UNI Climate  FRINATEK 2015-2018
EISCLIM - Eurasian Ice Sheet and Climate Interactions  J. I. Svendsen GEO-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2018
EPOCASAA - Enhancing seasonal-to-decadal Prediction Of Climate for the North Atlantic Sector and Artic  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
ESPERGE - Exploiting international synergies with PREFACE to enhance understanding of the relationship between regional and global model errors  T. Toniazzo UNI Climate  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2016
EuropeWeather - Does the Arctic sea-ice loss have an impact on the winter weather patterns in Europe?  L. Chen NERSC  FRINATEK 2014-2017
EVA - Earth system modelling of climate Variations in the Anthropocene  C. Heinze GFI-UiB  KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
EVOGLAC - Investigating the future evolution of Norwegian glaciers and hydrological impacts: an integrated approach  A. Nesje UNI Climate  KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
EXPREC - Climatic changes in short duration extreme precipitation and rapid onset flooding - implications for design values  A. Sorteberg GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
FARLAB - Facility for advanced isotopic research and monitoring of weather, climate and biogeochemical cycling  U. Ninnemann GEO-UiB FORINFRA 2015-2018
FIXO3 - Fixed-point open ocean observatories  C. Heinze GFI-UiB FP7-INFRA 2013-2017
FLOODING - Climatic changes in short duration extreme precipitation and rapid onset flooding - implications for design values  A. Sorteberg GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
GeoAccessNO  B. Pfeil GFI-UiB FORINFRA 2015-2017
GLACINDIA - Water related effects of changes in glacier mass balance and river runoff in western Himalaya  A. Nesje GEO-UiB MILJØ2015 2014-2016
GREENICE - Impact of future cryospheric changes in Northern Hemisphere  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB NORDFORSK 2014-2016
HIMWARC - High impact weather in the Arctic, fundamental understanding and future projections  T. Spengler GFI-UiB FP7-PEOPLE 2012-2016
HORDAKLIM - Climate Service for Hordaland  E. Kolstad UNI Climate Hordaland County Council 2014-2016
ICE-BED - Quantifying ice sheet response to variations in initial bedrock topography  P. Langebroek UNI Climate FRINATEK 2013-2016
ICOS-Norway - Integrated Carbon Observation System and Ocean Thematic Centre  T. Johannessen UNI Climate FORINFRA 2016-2020
iEcoH - Integrating ecosystem heterogeneity to enhance ESM performance  H. Lee UNI Climate H2020 2016-2017
INTERACT - Ocean-atmosphere-ice sheet interactions in the polar north, 50-150 ka BP: Implications for climate system processes  J. Brendryen GEO-UiB FRINATEK 2013-2016
INTERDEC - The potential for seasonal-to-decadal scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions  Y. Gao NERSC JPI CLIMATE 2016-2018
IOA - Partners in higher education: ice, ocean, atmosphere interactions  K. Nisancioglu GEO-UiB SIU-NNA 2012-2016
IS-ENES2 - Infrastructure for the European network of Earth System modelling  C. Heinze GFI-UiB FP7-INFRA 2013-2017
ISOBAR - Innovative Strategies for Observation in the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary  J. Reuder GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2016-2019
JETSTREAM - Atmospheric jet variability: linking structure, evolution and mechanisms  C. Li GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2014-2018
MOCN - Meridional overturning circulation in the western Nordic Seas  K. Våge GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2014-2017
N-ICE2015 - Norwegian Young Sea Ice Cruise   H. Steen NP   2014-2016
NACLIM - Predictability of the North Atlantic climate  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FP7-ENV 2012-2017
NEXOS - Next generation, cost-effective, compact, multifunctional web enabled ocean sensors systems  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FP7-OCEAN 2013-2017
netXtWIM - Waves in a next-generation sea ice model  P. Rampal NERSC KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
NICE - On Thin Ice: Role of Ocean Heat Flux in Sea Ice Melt  I. Fer GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
NMDC - Norwegian Marine Data Centre  S. Østerhus UNI Climate FORINFRA 2012-2017
NOACLIM - No-analogue climates and ecological responses in the past and future  J. Birks BIO-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2013-2016
Nordic NorESM - Nordic Earth System Model  C. Heinze GFI-UiB NORDFORSK 2014-2017
NORPAN - Partnership between Norway and Japan for excellent Education and Research  T. Spengler GFI-UiB INTPART 2016-?
NORTH - NORthern contraints on the Atlantic ThermoHaline circulation  T. Eldevik GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
OCCP - Ocean Controls on high-latitude Climate sensitivity - a Pliocene case study B. Risebrobakken UNI Climate FRINATEK 2013-2017
ORGANIC - Overturning circulation and its implications for global carbon cycle in coupled models  J. Tjiputra UNI Climate FRINATEK 2015-2018
OVENS - Overturning in the Nordic Seas  K. Våge GFI-UiB Bergen Research Foundation 2016-2020
PAVE - Atlantic water pathways to the Arctic: Variability and effects on climate and ecosystems  Ø. Skagseth IMR NOR-POL 2013-2017
PEGSIE - Pliocene East Greenland Current and Sea Ice Evolution  S. De Schepper GEO-UiB POLARFORSK 2014-2017
PERMAFROST - Advancing permafrost carbon climate feedback-improvements and evaluation of the Norwegian EArth System Model with observations  H. Lee UNI Climate FRINATEK 2016-2018
POLEN - Polen chemistry as the new generation instrument in palaeo ecological research: Theory, methods and practice  A. Seddon BIO-UiB FRIMEDPRO 2016-2020
PREFACE - Enhancing prediction of tropical Atlantic climate and impacts  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB EU FP7 2014-2017
PROVOLO - Watermass transformation processes and vortex dynamics in the Lofoten Basin  I. Fer GFI-UiB FRINATEK 2016-2019
R3 - Relevant, reliable and robust local-scale climate projection for Norway  S. Sobolowski UNI Climate KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
REOCIRC - Remote sensing of ocean circulation and environmental mass changes  J.E.Ø. Nilsen   ROMFORSK 2013-2016
RESCLIM - The Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics  T. Furevik GFI-UiB FORSKOLE 2009-2016
Ris ID - Effects of summer and winter warming on CO2 efflux in high Arctic tundra  H. Lee UNI Climate Svalbard Science Forum 2015-2016
SEAICE - Sea ice mechanics: from satellites to numerical models  S. Bouillon NERSC FRINATEK 2014-2016
SNACS - Subpolar North Atlantic Climate States  A. Olsen GFI-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
SNOWGLACE - Changing arctic cryosphere: influence of snow and sea ice on the prediction and climate of Europe and Asia  F. Counillon NERSC KLIMAFORSK 2015-2018
SOCCLI - The role of Southern Ocean Carbon cycle under CLImate change  C. Heinze GFI-UiB FP7-PEOPLE 2012-2016
STEM-CCS - Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage  A. Omar UNI Climate H2020 2016-2019
STERCP - Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate prediction  N. Keenlyside GFI-UiB ERC Consolidator Grant 2015-2020
SUCCESS - Centre for Sub-surface CO2 storage  C. Heinze GFI-UiB NFR-FME 2010-2017
SWARP- Ships and Waves Reaching Polar Regions  J. Bergh NERSC FP7-SPACE 2013-2017
THRESHOLDS - Thresholds for destabilizing thermohaline circulation and ocean carbon cycling in a warmer world  U. Ninnemann GEO-UiB KLIMAFORSK 2016-2019
TurSpor  K. Nisancioglu GEO-UiB Sparebankstiftelse DNB 2015-2016
VENTILATE - Ventilation age and remineralisation rates in polar and sub-polar regions as an indicator for climate change  E. Jeansson UNI Climate KLIMAFORSK 2014-2017
WARM - Inflow of Warm Deep Water on the Antarctic Continental Shelves  E. Darelius GFI-UIB  FRINATEK 2014-2017
WIMEA-ICT - Improving Weather Information Management in East Africa for effective service provision through the application of suitable ICTs  J. Reuder GFI-UiB NORAD 2013-2018