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Seminar talk: Ocean Research at the University of Western Australia: Investigating the Response of Australia's Coastline to a Changing Climate  

Justin Geldard and Carly Portch from The University of Western Australia will give a seminar talk on October 15.


Carly and Justin


Australia is heavily influenced by the ocean, with approximately 85% of the population living within 50 km of the coastline. The University of Western Australia's Oceans Institute is a multidisciplinary research-intensive group that is currently ranked 7th in the world for Marine/ Ocean Engineering.


Justin and Carly will broadly discuss the innovative research topics currently being investigated within the institute from marine biology and ecology to offshore structural engineering. They will expand further on their individual research topics which include coral reef hydrodynamics and restoration as well as the coastal impacts of wave energy farms.


Justin Geldard:

Justin is a first year coastal engineering PhD student and Keiran McNamara World Heritage Scholar within the Oceans Graduate School at the University of Western Australia (UWA). His research is focused on engineering smart artificial corals with hopes to reveal new strategies for coral reef restoration in the Ningaloo World Heritage Region. Justin completed his undergraduate degree at UWA in Civil Engineering.


Carly Portch:

Carly is a first year coastal engineering PhD student at UWA's Oceans Graduate School. Her PhD work focuses on understanding the nearshore hydrodynamic and morphodynamic systems in Albany, Western Australia to understand the coastal implications of implementing a commercial-scale renewable wave energy farm. She completed her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.






Arranged date for the seminar talk: Oct 15, 2019 at 14:15


BCCR lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5