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Ivar Meisingset from ModelGeo AS will give a seminar talk on November 25.

Ivar Meisingset
Ivar Meisingset

Short biography:

3D modeling specialist with a broad background from petroleum geology and geophysics. Developed software and methods for 3D seismic velocity modeling and geological basin modeling, and set up a successful commercial business for regional hiQbe velocity models while working for Aker Geo. Most published research is from basin modeling, where he has advised two PhD students. Educated MSc (sivilingeniør) from NTH Trondheim in 1981. Worked with Esso Norway 1980 - 1988, Norsk Hydro 1988 - 2004, Aker Geo 2004 - 2018, and ModelGeo from 2018. Current position COO and co-owner of ModelGeo.



Modelling of oceanographic data has many similarities with geological 3D modeling in the petroleum industry, but some of the tools and methods are different. In this seminar I will show examples of 3D analysis and modelling of oceanographic data using petroleum geology software (Geocap). The data are from Anne Kari Meisingset's 2019 master study. Particular techniques which will be reviewed in the seminar are:

- data QC using 3D visualization

- 3D cube modeling with high vertical resolution

- visual data interpretation by 3D manipulator display

- 3D crossplot and analysis, with 3D-space filtering

- mathematical calculations with 3D cubes (scripts were translated from Matlab)

Some of the best 3D geological software in the petroleum industry comes from Norway (a fun-fact many may not be aware of), and Geocap is also Norwegian. I will spend two minutes reviewing some of these programs and what they are used for.

At the end of the seminar there will be time for questions.


Arranged date for the seminar talk: Nov 25, 2019  at 14:15

BCCR lecture room 4020, Jahnebakken 5